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 Home     August 30, 2014  
Confidence Pool Overiew Minimize is a free site which allows users to participate in a Confidence Pool. 

The pool is run for "net bragging rites" and entertainment purposes only. No money is or ever been involved. The site is run as a community service and is on volunteered time. The pool is open to anyone and requires site registration prior to the start of the NFL Season.

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Latest Confidence Pool news....

 Due to the Confidence Pool site being available on Sunday December 23rd, all users who could not make selections where given the Las Vages Confidence Line for the week, (all Favorites based upon point spread). Sorry and any problems this unavoidable outage may have caused.

  • New Users - To learn more about a Confidence Pool 
    • Concept - Explains the concepts of a Confidence Pool
    • Rules  -  official rules of Confidence Challenge
    • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about a Confidence Pool
  • Registration - To participate in the 2012 Confidence Pool Challenge, you must register. Click on the registration button in the top left hand corner to access the registration form. Registration deadline for the 2012 Confidence Challenge is Sunday September 9th.
  • War Room - is the location that registered users makes weekly selections. The War Room is available for week one selections. You must register and login to the site to see the war room tab.
  • Season Start - The 2012 Confidence Challenge start Sunday September 9th. The Wednesday night game on September 5th (Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants)  will be considered a win for all users for 16 points. 
  • Week 2 Pick Selection Deadline - Deadline for week 2 selections is Sunday September 16th at 1:30 PM (EST)


Pick Selection Reports Minimize
Here you can view and download Pick Selections Reports for the 2012 Confidence Challange. Reports are usually available on Sundays 1 Hour after pick deadline. These reports are automatically e-mailed to "registered users" on Sundays. .
Confidence Pool Hall of Fame Minimize

Confidence Pool Hall of Fame

Welcome to the Confidence Pool Hall of Fame. This location is dedicated to honor previous Confidence Challange champoins. Below is a listing:


Year Champion Year Champion
1994  Henry Williams Sr.                                                                                       2002  Roland Holloman                                                                                 
1995  Tracy Williams 2003  Henry Williams Jr
1996  Larry Williams 2004  David Smith
1997  Nelson Campbell 2005  Roland Holloman
1998  Roland Holloman/Rod Williams 2006  Cory Williams
1999  Tony Davis 2007  Rod Williams
2000  Rene Williams-Smith 2008  Roland Holloman
2001  David Smith 2009  Nancy Kotinek Chiczewski
2011  Guy Niemiec 2010 Audry Ray


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